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Scientific Ratings

Our data engine brings together one of the largest top rated product lists using some of the leading scientific ratings, including:

  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • California Air Resources Board
  • Green Electronics Council
  • U.S. Green Building Council *
  • Forest Stewardship Council
  • GoodGuide
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Rainforest Alliance

* Product can help you achieve a credit within the LEED Rating System.

Track Your Footprint

Product pages calculate product lifespan CO2, energy, and water savings, and how long it’ll take for your purchases to pay for themselves.* Linked to your profile and stored confidentially, the dashboard allows you to track your purchasing footprint along with other sustainability metrics to help set and meet your goals.

* For products with enough manufacturer data

Seamless Checkout

When you’re done, you can checkout through some of the largest and most trusted vendors, where you can use your existing account and payment information without having to create a new account.

Join a Global Community

When you use Goodnet, you’ll join a powerful growing community of environmentally conscious purchasers and suppliers.


Energy efficiency is one of the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and related costs. Products which reduce energy use, monitor consumption, automatically adjust temperature and lighting, and provide renewable energy sources can help significantly reduce your CO2 footprint.


Low impact transportation can significantly reduce your CO2 footprint. Many cities have become more bike and e-bike accessible to encourage commuters cycling to work.


Products to minimize energy consumption, utility costs, and lower carbon footprint; more sustainable interiors, and sustainably sourced and recycled content paper.


Sustainable food choices from organic, fair trade, fair labor, Rainforest Alliance certified, and humane sources.

Our Partners

Goodnet and B Lab have partnered to provide a free online tool for businesses to gauge their social and environmental impact:

The Quick Impact Assessment is a free tool designed for businesses to measure, compare, and improve their impact on communities, employees, and the environment. Used by 40,000 businesses world-wide, the Quick Impact Assessment allows any business to compare its impact against the largest benchmarking database of social and environmental performance metrics of for profit companies in the world.

Ipsun Power | Solar For Everyone

Ipsun Power provides solar installations and sustainability consulting services in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. Anyone can afford solar with Ipsun Power's easy finance options. Power your home with the Earth's most abundant source of clean energy.

Goodnet Blog

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The economy is poised for a massive restructuring defined by whole system design and radical resource productivity.

Philips LED Light Bulb
LED Light Bulbs

Compared to traditional incandescents, LED light bulbs can reduce your energy use by as much as 80%. For example, over it’s lifespan, this Philips LED light bulb saves $153 in energy costs, reduces your CO2 footprint by 1,881 lbs, and pays for itself in about 1 year.

Amazon Echo
Energy Automation

Smart devices can help reduce energy consumption. Studies have shown devices like smart thermostats can reduce cost and energy use by up to 30%. Assistants like Amazon Echo can integrate with smart home or office energy management devices.

Join a Global Community

When you purchase through Goodnet, you’ll join a powerful, growing community of environmentally conscious purchasers and suppliers.