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The Sustainable Revolution

The economy is poised for a massive restructuring defined by whole system design and radical resource productivity

Since the industrial revolution, we’ve gone through five economic cycles: Water, Steam, Electricity, Digital, and now we’re entering one defined by whole system design and radical resource productivity. With technology breakthroughs, changes in market dynamics and evolving policy, the new economy is poised to have as vast an impact as the previous industrial revolutions but happen at the speed of the digital age.

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Owning Your Environmental Impact

It turns out some of the best ways to cut carbon emissions and reduce your environmental footprint are the easiest - and can make a huge difference.

Wood Mackenzie consulting found switching light bulbs, and upgrading washing machines and air conditioners has reduced carbon emissions as much as increased use of solar, wind and natural gas. Indeed, scaling efficiency is critical to meeting US emissions targets and allows us to grow the economy while reducing CO2 and energy costs. A 2015 study found: For much of the past five decades, global energy demand has been tightly intertwined with economic growth – but clear signs of a decoupling are emerging...driven by big improvements in energy efficiency and intensity (the amount of energy required per GDP output).

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20 Solutions

More than ever, smart energy and water efficient solutions are available to help reduce your environmental impact.

Goodnet uses the leading scientific rating systems and customer reviews to help you find and purchase the best choices. Below are a few examples to get started, but there are thousands of great solutions you can discover. When you buy a product through Goodnet you can use our dashboard to start tracking your purchasing footprint and cost savings, and you'll join a growing movement of environmentally conscious purchasers and suppliers.

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