Frequently Asked Questions

Are sustainable products more expensive?

When you comparison test products on Goodnet with less sustainable alternatives, you'll find the prices to be completely comparable. We work with large aggregators to access competitive prices and lowest shipping costs.

Are companies becoming more sustainable?

The science and practice of sustainability is still emerging. Most fortune 500 companies have embraced sustainable principles but are working out how to improve product life cycles. While manufacturers are taking significant steps to improve their operating footprint, many recognize there are still failures in their supply chains. Advancing standards and tools like Goodnet will increase transparency and accelerate the pace of change. We expect companies in this space will one day become the bridge to creating industries with full take back programs and closed loop production cycles. Goodnet is laying the groundwork to better connect purchasers with upstream companies working to make sustainability a competitive market value.

What do the ratings mean?

Most product descriptions include information on sustainable attributes. Ratings have pop-up descriptions, with more detail available on the ratings page. In some cases, certain products are listed as "bronze, silver, or gold," such as with the EPEAT program, while others simply ensure the product meets a high standard of energy, water, biodegradability, or manufacturing efficiency. For many products, GoodGuide ratings are also used for specific environmental, social, and health factors.

Where do you get your information?

All rated products are identified using Federal government and other public and private rating agencies. In some cases, Federal comprehensive green procurement guidelines are used. Product pages show where rating data has been obtained. Rating sources are cross referenced so you may see more than one source for a product's rating.

Why are some products not rated?

We included categories like Energy Automation, Renewable Energy, and Transportation which do not have a rating standard but are recognized as sustainable alternatives. Other non-rated products were included based on manufacturer published data regarding their bio-based, biodegradable, or recycled content.

How do prices work?

We import price data from suppliers and typically display the best price available from our partners. Upon checkout you may sometimes notice a small price difference due to minor inconsistencies in the API data. You can always review prices and all product details before checking out.

Will you be adding more vendors?

We'll be adding more vendors shortly. If you have a specific vendor or manufacturer in mind, send us a note, we'd love to research and consider them.

Questions about products, payment, refunds, shipping, or delivery?

Customer service questions about product delivery, payment, or refunds are best handled by Amazon here.

Questions about whether a product should or shouldn't be on Goodnet?

We make every effort to filter products based on the best available data, but if there's an item, rating, or company we should reevaluate or one we've missed, let us know. We'll be adding categories and continually updating products and want to hear reliable feedback about any product or company. Comments along with reference links can be sent here.

How do Product Footprint Value Calculators work?

Where there is sufficient manufacturer published data, the Product Efficiency tab on the product page automatically calculates kWh, CO2, and H2O savings over the lifetime of a product's use, along with when the product pays for itself in cost savings. Calculators are based on assumptions published by the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

How does the Report Dashboard work?

Goodnet automatically aggregates the kWh, CO2, and H2O savings of purchased products, along with when the products pay for themselves over their lifespan. The Dashboard privately stores your purchasing history to allow you to track and set goals. You'll be able to see how much energy, CO2, water, and money your choices save.

Questions about how Goodnet can work better for you?

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