Dimmable LED - 9 Watt - A19 - 60 Watt Equal - 92 CRI - 800 Lumens - 2700K Warm White - 120 Volt - Green Creative 40746
by Green Creative

from Amazon @ $14.98 ea.
Energy Saved
$84.80Money Saved
Over Product Lifespan
1.52 yearsBreak Even
Product Pays For Itself In

Product Description



  • - CRI: 92
  • - Energy Star: Compliant
  • - MPN (Part No.): 40746
  • - UL Listed: Damp Locations
  • Brand: Green Creative

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Package Quantity
Item Dimensions
5.5x5.5x2.75 in.
Item Weight
0.35 lbs.

Lighting Footprint

Sustainability is Fiscally Smart.

In most cases, utility and replacement savings more than pay for the initial purchase of more sustainable items.

Energy Saved

Percentage of total energy saved over this product's lifespan when compared to benchmark product.

85 %
Energy Saved kWh

Total energy saved over this product's lifespan when compared to benchmark product.

765 kWh
CO2 Reduction

CO2 Emissions Reduction Over Product Lifespan

1,163 lbs
Money Saved

Total money saved in utility and replacement cost over product lifespan when compared to the benchmark.

Break Even

Estimate of time required for product to pay for itself in energy and replacement costs.

1.52 years


Standard 60W Incandescent Light Bulb

Standard Duty 60W Frosted Warm White Tungsten Incandescent.

Est. Price:
$1.25 ea.
Light Output:
800 lumen
Energy Consumed:
60 watt
Product Lifespan:
1200 hr

Calculations assume an average cost of $0.11 per kWh and an average of 4 hours per day of use in the product's intended operating conditions.
Money Saved and Break Even calculations may include product replacement costs over the lifespan of the featured product for the package quantity.
Energy savings are relative to the following baseline:Standard 60W Incandescent Light Bulb

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